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Coji With Love

Coji was inspired in 2009 by Cookie Popper. What started as a hobby, to help Cookie find meaning in her life after the death of her daughter, then turned into a business by myself, the younger daughter, Mandy. Jodi had Cystic Fibrosis and died at the age of 26. She was very spiritual, loved life and always found ways to motivate others.

The original ‘B-wrap’ bracelet was inspired by Jodi’s final message to my mother: ” if you can just learn how to be, you will be ok.” This bracelet was created and is wrapped with so much love to remind us that you can be whatever you want to be. This bracelet carried the message B-safe, B-loved, B-happy, B-free.

After such a positive response from this bracelet , COJI was encouraged to develop further. Today, we are proud of the large range that COJI offers. Using materials such as suede, various cord, wax and silk – the sky is the limit. Many of the components are imported as we go on overseas trips to keep up with the trends and to add to the uniqueness that they strive for.

The intention behind COJI is to support Cystic Fibrosis  and to keep Jodi and her spirit alive. Her story needs to live on and be an inspiration of how a life can be lived positively and with such courage.



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