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BIBO Fizz Bar


BIBO Fizz Bar

R 1,232.00

  • Choose your BIBO fizz bar in any of the 3 colour options.
  • 60 liter CO2 Cylinder
  • 1 liter quick connect fizz bottle (in the same colour as your fizz bar).
  • 1 year free warranty.
  • Free shipping countrywide

The BIBO fizz bar is another one of our stylish and innovative creations. Unlike any other soda machines out there, the BIBO fizz bar will add bubble to anything. You bring the tea infusions, juice, water, flat beer, cold drink or wine, and our BIBO fizz bar will bring the sparkle.

Our patented fizz infuser creates a controlled release of pressure which allows you to carbonate any beverage you desire. Our fizz bar will also completely adapt to your preferences, allowing you to choose the amount of fizz in your drink.

Besides for all the money you’ll be saving, and the healthier drinks you will be consuming, our BIBO fizz bar looks good too. Sleek, stylish and compact, our BIBO fizz bar will make the perfect accessory to any kitchen or pause area. It requires no electricity or batteries,  is super simple to clean, and easy to use.


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