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BIBO Fizz Go


BIBO Fizz Go

R 656.00

  • Choose your BIBO fizz go in one of the 2 colour options.
  • 6 chargers – each charger makes 1 liter of soda.
  • 1 liter quick connect fizz bottle (in the same colour as your fizz go).
  • 1 year free warranty.
  • Free shipping countrywide

We know what you’re thinking: you love your BIBO fizz bar so much and have become so attached, what do you do when you’re not home? Well, the great news is that we at BIBO have thought of everything. Meet the BIBO fizz go – the compact and sleek hand-held carbonator for water. It’s the perfect lightweight travel companion that fits easily inside any piece of luggage or drawer, ensuring you never have to be sparkle-less again. With its simple twist and carbonate function, the BIBO fizz go is the easiest appliance you could bring along with you, no matter where you go.

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